Need an estimate?

Send me an email with your requests. Please provide as much information as possible. Below are some questions to answer that may help communicate your design wants and needs. I will respond within 24 hours with your estimate or with any questions I may have to complete your estimate. If you would prefer to speak, please provide your available time to call or meet. 

Questions to help better communicate:


1.  How Would You Describe Your Company In 1-2 Sentences?

2.  What Keywords Describe Your Business?

These keywords should give clues to what you feel are crucial to be represented.

3.  What Makes Your Company Distinct?

Tell me what makes your services distinct and how it sets you apart from your competition.


4.  Who Is Your Target Market?

A logo catered to children will likely look different from a logo catered to parents.

5.  Who Are Your Main Competitors?

When you know what the other guys’ logos look like, you know both how to be different and how to evaluate ideas that are and aren’t working well in your industry.

6.  What Are Some Logos or Looks You Like and Dislike?

Sharing your likes and dislikes will show me your design preferences. This is helpful in communicating your style and meeting your expectations.

7.  Why Are You Looking For A New Logo or New Design?

New company?  If a your company has an existing logo and is looking for a redesign, tell me why. What are you hoping to accomplish with a new design? What was the old one lacking? 

8.  How Will You Be Using the Provided Artwork?

Will the logo be used on the website and on business cards but nowhere else? Or will it be printed on T-shirts and billboards? Will you be needing the artwork for multiple formats? Knowing what the design is for from the beginning is very important information. Some designs won’t work for print as well as they will for the Web and vice versa.

9.  Do You Have Color Preferences?

Certain color scheme are important for company logos or branding, it makes sense to work those colors into the design. Do you have specific PMS colors you'd like to use? Also include colors you would prefer not to use.

10.  Do You Have A Crucial Tagline or "Must Have" Information?

If you have some text or images that needs to be worked into the artwork, I need to know that—It’s much easier to go into the project with a tagline than to design something and try to work in wording later.

11.  How Quickly Do You Need It?

Providing your expectations upfront clears up potential misunderstandings before they occur.

12. What’s Your Budget?

Obviously budgetary concerns must be factored into any design project. If you can only spend a small amount, I need to know what that small amount is to offer you the most for your money.

13.  Is There Anything Else You Want Me To Know?

How do you prefer to communicate? What's the best time to contact you? Communication is an important tool we must use to be successful in achieving your expectations.


Success! Message received.